Database Management

Since its inception, ARC Technologies has been extensively involved in database management.  Our primary focus has been on industry leaders such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, with an extensive background in both IBM’s and Oracle’s enterprise data management solutions.  In addition, we have an extensive background in data distribution and data replication.


ARC Technologies has been a supplier of services to the telecommunications industry for over 15 years. Collectively, we have over 75 years of experience in providing solutions to the telecommunication industry.  We have specialists in network event mediation, rating, billing and provisioning services and database management.  We have effectively managed over a hundred project initiatives for a leading telecommunications service provider.

Internet/Intranet Construction and Management

ARC Technologies has been growing with the web since its early days, struggling through its adversities and celebrating its successes.  We have enabled several of our clients to embrace the web and its vast array of technologies.  We have been extensively involved in maintaining the integrity of a client’s site in the uncontrolled environment of the web.

Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence

ARC Technologies has a Data Warehousing team of experienced business professionals that can provide extensive knowledge developing and implementing a Data Warehouse / Datamart solution using more than one of the leading Data Warehouse tool sets on the market today.  We have many success stories to illustrate our claim of being one of the leading Data Warehouse / Datamart IT firms in the area.