ARC Technologies is an information technology consulting firm based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Our goal is to deliver innovative and practical solutions, from concept through implementation and measurement.  Your company will benefit from our experience in successfully implementing information systems for a vast array of business customers.

ARC Technologies offers high quality solutions for today's demanding information support requirements.  We provide a number of services that enable organizations to maximize their computing value.  We are driven by our mission: ‘To help our clients succeed’.  To strengthen our presence in the IT market, we have partnered with many other IT organizations.  By partnering with successful companies, we have the ability to offer leading technologies to our clients and enhance client-capability to make better informed business decisions.

ARC Technologies is a full service provider with extensive experience in all areas of IT, capable of delivering entire solutions and providing certified individuals in areas such as Business Systems Analysis, Database Management and Project Management.  We provide clients with access to highly skilled and specialized professionals, who can provide a diverse set of skills needed to deliver large and complex IT solutions.